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Smoke Deluxe Maxx Fan

Part Number 00-06200K
Smoke Deluxe Maxx Fan
Maxx fan
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MaxxFan General Information All Models

  • Brings in fresh air and removes hot musty air and odors
  • Easy to remove interior insect screen, simply rotate four retaining knobs to remove screen for cleaning, no tools required
  • Twin lifting arms, No more lid fluttering in high winds or when driving
  • Features a powerful, fuse protected, Long life, sealed ball bearing, 12 volt fan motor and a 12 inch, 10 bladed fan
  • Provides over 900 Cubic feet of air per minute to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Flush mounted, easy to clean Keypad, controls fan speed, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions
  • Fits all standard 14" x 14" roof openings
  • Closes securely for a low profile appearance
  • Fan runs with lid closed to circulate air (Ceiling Fan Mode)
  • All mounting screws and hardware included. Roof sealant must be purchased separately.

MaxxFan Standard

  • Available in two models MaxxFan Manual Opening and MaxxFan Remote Opening
  • Rain Sensor closes lid if it rains (MaxxFan Remote Opening Models only)
  • Waterproof, molded mounting holes for easy installation of MaxxAir Vent Covers
  • 2-YEAR Limited WARRANTY with LIFETIME Limited WARRANTY on lid

MaxxFan Deluxe

  • MaxxFan®, a new, one-of-a kind ventilator system that protects your RV interior - always - in any weather - rain or shine
  • A complete all in one system that fits standard 14" x 14" RV roof openings
  • Opens and closes like most standard roof vents using a manual knob located at the ceiling or opens automatically with optional Remote Control
  • Includes a powerful 10-speed fan, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions
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